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Cerdded Cymru  – the Welsh Walks Guide

Aberystwyth Edition

These walk descriptions and other information on this site are for people's personal use only. The copyright of the walk descriptions lies with the original submitter of the walk. Other than for personal use the information may not be copied or stored in any way, electronically or otherwise.

You may only use the information on this site if you accept the condition that you do so entirely at your own risk.There is no warranty or guarantee that the walks are suitable for any purpose or person or that the walks information is correct and the publisher disclaims liablility for injury or damage to persons or property which may result from following any of the walks described on this site.

Users' Help Page

Cerdded Cymru -the Welsh Walks Guide aims to record the walks of Wales for the use of local people and their visitors and to integrate these walks with the relevant maps or leaflets, topics of interest, accommodation and other matters including the availability of public transport. If you have followed a walk then you can also submit an online review of the walk or comment on the usefulness of the walk instructions.

In following any walk you should use footwear and clothing which is appropriate to the walk. For all but the shortest and simplest walks you should wear good footwear and windproof clothing and also have available wet weather clothing. A map is always desirable in following a walk and getting the most interest and enjoyment out of it. For hill walking a map and compass is recommended especially if there is doubt about the weather. You should also take  food and drink appropriate to the length of the walk.
What is in the online Guide?

The Guide contains the following online screen pages which may be printed for personal use.

1. The introductory page with browser upper menu bar title ‘Welcome to the Welsh Walks Guide’

2. The search page with the browser upper menu bar title ‘’Searching for a Walk’

3. A route summary page of one or more screens, with the browser upper menu bar title ‘’Searching for a Walk’, showing the result of your search for a walk. This page allows you to look at the details of each walk shown to help you make a walk selection.
The pages that follow are accessible from this screen page and the page provide the links to the pages listed in 7. below.

4. A page with an aerial and OS map view of the starting point of a walk with the browser upper menu bar title of ‘Walk Start Point on Map’.

5. A page showing the route of the walk either as an aerial view or as an OS map view, with the browser upper menu bar title of ‘Walk Route on Map’.

6. A page showing details of the walking route with the browser upper menu bar title of ‘Walking Route Description’. The walk leg descriptions are intended as the primary way of following the mapped route.

7. The pages 3. And 6. Provide links to other pages allowing you to look at OS maps related to the walk, literature, items of interest in the walk, photographs of the walk, accommodation, public transport. There are also links to allow you to submit a review of the walk and to view reviews made by others. Not all of these links will be active but will become so as more information is input into the walks database. Unactive links are shown in faded text.